About Me

Mudassir Hassan Khan!

WordPress Web developer & SEO Specialist by profession, Computer Software Engineer by Education, and Social Worker by Passion.

Currently, Working at Harley Street Medical Centre Abu Dhabi as a Web Developer and SEO Specialist.
Former Web Developer at African Open Sky FZE (Sharjah Airport FreeZone) and Madytech Corporation, currently living in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Mudassir Hassan Khan

My interests range from technology to programming. I am also interested in football, coffee, and music.

My interests span programming to technology. Additionally, I enjoy football, coffee, and music.

“You work hard, you make money. You do it for yourself. That’s not life. When you seek people who need your help and you make their life better, that’s the day when you live.”

What I Do

I assist people and businesses in developing websites and online stores, as well as ranking their stores and websites in Google and other search engines.


SAW (Support, Assertiveness, Well-being)


Innovating and developing your ideas

WordPress Web Developer in Dubai


Web Development 96%
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 85%
Graphic Designing 60%


Find a way, if you can't make one.